Crab Meat Delicacy

(In Traditional Bengali Style) Being surrounded by water bodies, the Bengalis grew weaknesses for various types of fishes, snails and crabs. The crabs were regularly cooked in the Bengali households in the past but nowadays due to busy working schedules as well as lack of the knowledge to prepare crab meat, most of the Bengalis are enjoying crab preparations in the restaurants or on sea … Continue reading Crab Meat Delicacy

A Picnic By The Usri

It was the eve of Makarsankranti in Giridih when Avik surprised me by telling that his colleagues have planned a picnic at the locally famous Usri falls, next morning. I was in a gloomy state then, as back in Kolkata, my father was fighting with the impending death in a comatose state which immediately followed after he suffered from a near fatal cerebral stroke. Though … Continue reading A Picnic By The Usri

The Serene Beach – Mandarmoni

While mountains are my favourite holiday destination, sea instills life in me. Every time I come back from a sea beach, I seem to bubble with life for a few days. Though there are quite a few sea beaches which are in a drive’s distance from Kolkata and you can conveniently go for weekend trip, Mandarmoni entices me the most. It’s clean, it’s calm, it’s … Continue reading The Serene Beach – Mandarmoni

Post-Partum Depression – An Unacknowledged Destructor

Incident 1: Smita (name changed) is a mother of an eight-month-old boy. Last month she was considering suicide as she felt that she had failed in her career by choosing to stay at home post pregnancy as well as failed as a mother because she was unable to cope with the impromptu demands of her baby.  Incident 2: Meenal (name changed) is a mother of … Continue reading Post-Partum Depression – An Unacknowledged Destructor

Simple Steps To Prepare Ghee At Home

Yes! You read it correct. Today we will share some easy and simple tips to prepare ghee (clarified butter) at home. During our grandparent’s time, when the availability of packaged ghee was limited, preparing it at home was a common tradition. However, now-a-days it’s so easily available and as most fear it to be tedious, the tradition is dying. Before we start with the simple … Continue reading Simple Steps To Prepare Ghee At Home

প্রজ্ঞার উত্তরাধিকার

অঙ্গনা আমি ততোখানি সমাজ-মুখী নই যতখানি আমি আত্ম-মুখী। আমার এই সমাজ–বিমুখিনতা কি আমার উত্তরাধিকার? এই বিষয়ে ভাবতে বসলেই আজকাল আমি আমার ঠাকুমাকে নিজের মধ্যে খুঁজে পাই; নাকি সামাজিকতার প্রশ্নে আমি আমার ঠাকুমা হয়ে বাঁচতে চাইছি! নিশ্চিত জানিনা। হয়তো এই লেখা সেই উত্তর খোঁজার একটা প্রচেষ্টা। আমার জন্ম এবং বেড়ে ওঠা উত্তর কলকাতার শ্যামবাজার অঞ্চলে, একান্নবর্তী পরিবারে। জ্ঞান হবার পর থেকে আমি যেমন দেখেছি ঠাকুমাকে তাতে … Continue reading প্রজ্ঞার উত্তরাধিকার

A Traditional Green Jackfruit Curry from Maa’s Kitchen

-Bhaater Paatey Niramish Enchorer Dalna Bhaater Paatey is the traditional Bengali term for side courses served with steaming hot rice. Enchor or green jackfruits had been a staple in the Bengali homes since ages. It was often used as a substitute of meat due to the high cost of meats as well as rare availability in the early days. The Enchor is also termed as … Continue reading A Traditional Green Jackfruit Curry from Maa’s Kitchen